Visas in Spain: Entrepreneurs Law Residence Program

Spain attracts many foreign investors, entrepreneurs and professionals who wish to establish and develop their business in our country, thereby stimulating economic growth and creating jobs.

Spanish law facilitates the process of moving to Spain for them and their families through a Residence Program. If you are an entrepreneur wishing to create, develop or manage an innovative business project and/or have a particular economic interest in Spain, you can apply for a residence permit.

The permit is valid to work and live anywhere in Spain, including family members if they meet the age requirements set out in the labour regulations.

Benefits of Entrepreneurs Law Residence Program

Move to Spain with your family

These permits authorize the holders and their families to live and work throughout the Spanish territory without the National Employment Situation application, and allow them freedom of movement in the Schengen Area.

Quick and easy process

The application process for the Entrepreneurs Law Residence Program is designed to be efficient and straightforward. Visas are processed within 10 business days, and residence permits are approved in just 20 days.

What is more, the permits can be processed through a representative and simultaneously prepared for all family members.

Easy renewal and extended initial residency

Another important advantage of the Entrepreneurs Law Residence Programme is the ease with which you can renew your residence permit. Unlike the general system, where the initial residence permit allows you to stay in Spain for one year and requires early renewal, the Entrepreneurs Law Residence Programme offers an initial residence permit valid for three years.

This extended period reduces the administrative burden and allows you to focus on your business and settling into your new life without the immediate worry of renewing your permit.

IMPORTANT! A business plan for the entrepreneurial project needs to be submitted. ENISA (state-owned company dealing with Innovation), which is collaborating with the Spanish immigration authorities, will be in charge of assessing whether that business plan for the project is innovative or is of special economic interest for Spain. You will therefore need to check whether the aspects that are assessed comply.

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