About us

We are a great professional and human team dedicated to your business.

Let us guide you through all the administrative and legal tasks to create and manage your business in Spain!

Who we are

The key to success has only one path.

Nobody achieves anything without the dedication of a great professional and human team within an organization with a strong workplace culture.

Our  vision is to offer our customers a full range of services so that they can focus on their core business and reduce administrative costs.

We are proud to be recognized as one of the “Best place to work” in Spain in 2021.

Specialized in international companies

Throughout the years, we have developed a strong knowledge and experience for international companies who want to open a branch, subsidiary, commercial office or simply open a business in Spain.

Only a deep understanding of the spanish laws and specificities allows you to be efficient, both in the definition of the right structure for your business and the company registration process: learn more

We will help you to define the legal form of the company, create the relevant paperwork, gather all necessary documents, present the forms on your behalf, and everything that is needed to be operational as soon as possible.

Why Legal Advisory Services

There are many advantages to rely on our firm when opening or running a business in Spain:

  • Language: it may sound logical, but foreign language skills and a nearly native level of english are key for a smooth communication. We know how to deal with cultural differences thanks to our international team.
  • Legal expertise: we are specialized in tax, labour and commercial laws all over Spain, and aware of the differences between local authorities.
  • Flexibility: we know the day to day issues of running a business. Urgent and important matters, customized reporting, cash management, labour negotiations …  be sure you will have a partner to give you support you in all areas.

The team

Our team is composed of 35 specialists and lawyers in necessary areas to open and manage your business

  • Organisation: Leaded by Marc Dominguez, our specialists will define the right services and tools for your business.
  • Accounting, tax, commercial: Mónica Español Muntaner leads a team of economists and lawyers specialized in tax and commercial matters from the Barcelona Headquarters and other offices throughout Spain.
  • Human ressources: Mónica Trallero Fort and her team are specialized in all human ressources and labour aspects you may face in your spanish office, from payroll to complex HR legal situations.

Do you want to become part of the team?

Marc Dominguez

Marc Dominguez


Marc focuses its energy on giving the structure, tools and challenging projects to a team of great professionals.

Monica Español

Mónica Español Muntaner

Tax, accounting and commercial area manager

Mónica Español Muntaner leads a team of economists and lawyers specialized in tax and commercial matters.

Mónica Trallero

Mónica Trallero Fort

Labour and Human Ressources Area manager

Mónica and her team are specialized in all human ressources and labour aspects.

Needs and expectations

Our objective is to give you the right answers to all your needs and expectation when relying on an outsourced firm.

  • Commitment: We are committed to your business objectives and we behave as if we were members of your organization
  • Trust: when outsourcing labour, tax and administrative tasks, it is all about confidence  between partners. Empathy and Integrity are our Keywords. Please read our article about trust.
  • Efficiency: Right first time, accurate analysis, in depth knowledge and teamwork are basics to work in an efficient way