• Create your spanish subsidiary

    We assist you in every step of your company setup: legal advice, documentation, taxes model, registration process, etc. Rely on our 15 years of experience and savoir faire.

  • Manage your local business

    Our team of professionals will ensure every legal, financial, tax or labour obligations are accurate, optimized and completed on time.

  • Your legal representation

    Our attorneys will give you advice, support and handle every legal issue you may face creating and running your business in Spain. 

Who we are

Laver is a leading advisory, consulting and management firm in Spain with an extensive experience of more than 15 years in legal, payroll, tax and accounting advisory services. 

We operate from our headquarters in Barcelona and our local offices in Madrid and Mataró.

We are your partner to handle every aspects of your spanish business. We are flexible to adapt to your needs, from start-up to big companies.

Our services

1. Start your business in Spain

Should you want to start a business in Spain or create a subsidiary of your company, our experts will help you in all steps of the process :

Defining the legal structure and the governance aspect

Preparing all the necessary documentation

Executing all tasks of the registration process

2. Manage your business in Spain

We manage all administrative tasks of your spanish brand so that you can focus on your core business.

3. Cover all legal aspects

Our team of attorneys and specialists will give you advice and protection in every area of your business. We have an extensive network of partners to ensure the specificities of your business model or sector are covered.

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