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With our tools, you can be confident 100% of your business is managed the best way.

You have a real time access to all information online for a better control.

Accounting and reporting

Accounting is a legal obligation in Spain . 

We help you on the following areas

  • Accounting planning and advice
  • Accounting management outsourcing: it gives you more time to focus your ressources on what matters for your business
  • Reporting from the spanish format to the headquarter format . We understand that beeing able to read the local information or simply plug the local business numbers into your format is a necessity for you. Our experts will help you setup the reporting for you 

Tax management

Laver experts will prepare and present all requirent documentation in order to comply with all tax obligations in Spain:

  • Outsoucing of all tax tasks and duties
  • Tax planning and advice
  • Tax Procedures
  • International Taxation
  • Fiscal, Financial and Banking Optimization Plan

We allow you to control your business online from abroad and in real time with our tools: learn more

Human Ressources management

  • Labor Management Outsourcing
  • Advice and Labor Planning
  • Labor Audit
  • Professional Mobility | foreigner
  • Flexible Remuneration Plans

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