Thesis International PR agency


Thesis Communication is a PR agency working in the field of corporate communication. It helps Russian and international companies to build their reputation and establish internal and external contacts with key partners. The team consists of experts with more than ten years of experience in the area of communications.

The agency fields of activity are the following:

  • Perform all functions of press service for the customer, including press conferences, press tours and round tables.
  • Develop a communication strategy and information policy, based on analytical research of the customer’s business and industry.
  • Contact with industry associations and opinion leaders.

Mikhail Nenakhov, CEO of the company, explains us the problem he faced while looking for legal advice and how Laver solved it.


The needs

Russian companies do face a difficult situation since years to make business worldwide, invoice customers and get paid, due to bank account limitations. Opening a bank account in Europe for a Russian citizen or a Russian company is a complex procedure that requires time and expertise.

For such a precise case, online documentation is limited, as well as for more general requirements such as opening a business in Spain.

“The problem is that you cannot trust the information available online”

Mikhail Nenakhov

As Mikhail explains: “The main problem is that there is little information available online in Russian or in English on how to set up a company in Spain. And when there is information, it is often outdated, not accurate or different from one site to another. I just could not find the correct information on the taxes that needs to be paid or how to open a bank account for example. The main information is in Spanish, a language that the majority of Russians do not speak”.

Why should you open your branch in Spain

Compared to other European countries, and in particular for a Russian citizen, it is easier to open a company or a branch in Spain. A country like France for example do ask for a lot of documentation, sometimes difficult to obtain. As Mikhail says: “In Spain you use to say there is a lot of documents to submit to open a company, but trust me, compared to my country there are much less and it is therefore easier!”

“Spain offers a great level of services and infrastructure. It is an ideal location for business and living

Mikhail Nenakhov

The Solution

Laver makes easy what looks to be a complex procedure.

Generally speaking, opening a company in Spain is not a 3 days procedure: for each of the steps, you have to request an appointment in the corresponding administration. 

Working with Laver eases and speed up the process, thanks to an optimized organization of all procedures.

We asked Mikhail to tell us the benefits of working with Laver.

“There are many advantages, let me summarize them like this:

  • Your contact speaks English and can help you with all the information you need over the phone, in video conferences or written. In my case they explained every single step of the procedure with all details
  • You have a single point of contact for all the tasks, someone that coordinates every activity with other people, like lawyers or administrations. It is much easier for the communication.
  • The company has all necessary resources in house to manage the opening of a company and its administration afterwards. They can also take care of the personal documentation, such as the resident card. It is a 360ª service, which is great
  • The whole team is trustable: they are all experts with years of experience in their field of activity.
  • I was accompanied in all the appointments by my key account who provided the necessary documentation completed and well prepared.
  • They understand the cultural differences and are flexible. For example, in Russia we use to call rather then send emails, or we do want immediate information. Laver made their best to adapt themselves to my requirements
  • The overall cost of the service is competitive compared to other offers I received. But the main argument is that the service given is worth its costs.”


One of the major stumbling blocks when looking for online information is that you do not know whether it is accurate or outdated. Opening a business in Spain is not a complex procedure for a law firm, but in some cases, you will require the assistance of experts to sort out specific issues. This is when you should think in Laver.

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