Visas in Spain: Entrepreneurs Law Residence Program


Spain attracts many foreign investors, entrepreneurs and professionals who wish to establish and develop their business in our country, thereby stimulating economic growth and creating jobs. Spanish law facilitates the process of moving to Spain for them and their families through a Residence Program. If you are an entrepreneur wishing to create, develop or manage […]

Why invest in Spain: geographical situation


Spain’s geographical location offers a number of strategic advantages for foreign companies looking to expand their operations. Situated at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Latin America, Spain offers direct access to key global markets. Its advanced transport and logistics networks, including extensive road, rail and sea links, facilitate the efficient movement of goods and […]

Cost of living in Spain

cost of living in spain

If you are thinking of investing in Spain and moving to this country, one of the aspects you should consider is the cost of living in Spain. In this article, we will highlight the key aspects of the cost of living in Spain, covering topics such as accommodation, lifestyle, healthcare, taxes and education. 1. Accommodation […]

5 reasons to invest in Spain


Spain, with its rich history, vibrant culture and diverse landscapes, not only captivates travellers, but has also proven to be a jewel in the global economic landscape. In this article, we will look at the key reasons to invest in Spain, according to ICEX.  1. Economy What makes Spain an ideal destination for international expansion? One of […]