How to get your Social Security Number in Spain

Understanding the Social Security System in Spain

As a general rule, all employers, their employees, self-employed workers, members of manufacturing cooperatives, domestic personnel, military personnel and civil servants who reside and/or perform their duties in Spain are required to be registered with, and pay contributions to, the Spanish Social Security System.

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What is the Social Security Number?

The Social Security Number is an essential number to start working in Spain, whether you are a Spanish national or a foreigner.

Therefore, if you are a foreigner and want to work for a company (or register as self-employed), your NIE number will not be enough. Neither will your TIE or residence card.

Once you have these two, you must apply for this number, which identifies you to the Social Security System and is used for a wide range of procedures. For example, signing a work contract, receiving unemployment benefits, receiving a pension, receiving health care in Spain, etc.

What documents do I need?

Basically, to request the Social Security number you will need:

  • The TA.1 application model (which you can download here).
  • Your identification document (ID, passport, etc.).
  • Your work permit or residence card showing your legal capacity to work.

How to get your Social Security Number in Spain

You can apply for your Social Security Number online.

To do this, you must access the Electronic Social Security and select the option “Request the Social Security number.

It is essential that you have a digital signature or certificate to complete the process.

If you need help in applying for your social security number in Spain, we at Legal Advisory can help and guide you through the process of setting up your company in Spain.

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