Which are the main industries with opportunities for investors in Spain

Spain has long been an attractive destination for international investors seeking opportunities in a wide range of industries, thanks to its rich history, diverse culture and strategic location in Europe. As the country evolves and adapts to global economic trends, it offers a compelling landscape for those seeking strategic investment.

In this article, we will identify the industries that offer promising prospects, favourable regulatory environments and the potential for long-term success. From renewable energy and tourism to technology and agribusiness, we identify the key industries that are poised for growth and explore the factors that make them attractive to investors.

Renewable energy

Spain has set itself the task of reducing carbon emissions by 2050. This challenge means advancing in alternative energies, an opportunity for job creation and economic.

Besides the commitment to reduce carbon emissions, there are several other factors that favor the momentum of Spain’s renewable energy industry and allow the country to offer one of the most attractive competitive combinations in Europe.

Information and communications technology (ICT)

The ICT sector was one of the fastest-growing sectors in Spain over the last decade and digitalisation is a strategic factor in transforming the production model and stimulating economic recovery in Spain after the pandemic.

Life sciences

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in Spain has become one of the most dynamic and competitive globally.

The biotechnology industry specifically, has grown hand-in-hand with the pharmaceutical industry. It has now, after two decades, achieved a stage of consolidation as an emerging industry.


Spain is the fourth agri-food power in Europe and tenth in the world. Due to the quality of its products and its extensive range of items, the Spanish agri-food industry is highly regarded internationally.

Automotive and mobility

Automotive industry is a strategic sector for the Spanish economy. The Spanish automotive industry turnover represents 10% of Spain’s GDP and 18% of total exports. (including vehicles and auto-parts). External trade surplus of vehicles reached €18.9bn in 2021.


The aerospace and defense industry is highly developed in Spain. In 2021 the Spanish market saw 11.6 billion euros in turnover and over 50,000 people employed.

Transport and logistics

Spain stands out worldwide for its world-class network of air, land, rail and maritime infrastructures and the quality of its services. A structure that favors the development and growth of logistics and transport in the Spanish economy.


Because Spain easily covers all phases of production, there are over 72,000 professionals and 6,700 companies devoted to the audiovisual industry here. There are 45 film festivals, including San Sebastian (Category A), Seminci, the Malaga Festival, and the Ibero-American Film Festival of Huelva. Over 500 international awards demonstrate Spain’s know-how in the audiovisual industry over the last decade.

Tourism and leisure

Spain leads the world in tourism. Since 2015 it has placed first on the World Economic Forum (WEF) podium, which awards the most competitive countries in the tourism industry from among 140 economies. 

Nowadays, the tourism industry is an important engine of the Spanish economy and employment (2.5 million jobs).

Chemical industry

Its production capacity and industrial tradition, outstanding geographic location and logistics infrastructures, the innovative capacity of the chemical industry operating in the country, and global growth in demand for new chemical products, all make Spain a strategic destination for investment in the chemical industry. 

Source of information: ICEX, Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo

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