Looking for the ideal partner in Spain?

The process of opening a business or a local branch in Spain, especially if you are from abroad, is not easy. There are many questions and hurdles. Which structure should I choose, where should I establish the company, what is the process o create the company are only some of the numerous questions you will ask yourself.

To save time, money and in particular choose the right structure to optimize the local taxes, you should rely on experts in Spanish legislations which make this process easier. 

Here we have listed some of the key qualities that your partner in Spain should have.

The ideal partner: key qualities

The right partner makes your life easier:

  • Speak your language: The ideal partner should be able to speak your language fluently. This is particularly important when it comes to legal matters and other complex issues, as misunderstandings can cause costly mistakes.
  • A dedicated key account: Your partner should provide you with a dedicated key account manager who can help you through the entire process of setting up your business in Spain. This person should be your main point of contact.
  • Knows the local legislation and the laws to come: Obviously, your partner should have a deep understanding of local legislation and laws to come, so that they can guide you through the legal requirements of open your branch in Spain.
  • Online management: In order to make the process more efficient and saving you time and money, it’s important that your partner allows you to make all management online.
  • Efficient proceses of work: To ensure that all aspects of building your business are handled quickly and effectively, it is not only important that it can be done online, but also to have efficient work processes.
  • Efficient accounting, fiscal and payroll tools: To run your business effectively, efficient accounting, tax, and payroll tools are essential.
  • Ease of communication tools: Your partner should provide you with ease of communication tools such as video conference, phone, and WhatsApp, making it easy to stay in touch no matter where you are in the world.
  • Excellent knowledge of the Spanish network to solve all sorts of problems: Your partner should have excellent knowledge of the Spanish network, allowing them to solve all sorts of problems that may arise during the expansion process.

But, apart from the professional and technical part, there hare other important qualities:

  • Empathy and closeness: Look for a partner who is empathetic and easy to contact, making it easy to communicate with them and resolve any issues that may arise.
  • Ability to adapt the local legislation to your company’s requierements: Each business is different and has specific needs, so it must be valued individually. A good partner must have the ability to adapt local legislation to meet your company’s specific requirements. This includes internal reports, forecasts and budgets, as well as legal and tax books.
  • Knows how to optimise and reduce the global taxes from both companies: If you dont want to pay more than you need to, be sure to look for a partner who knows how to optimize and reduce global taxes for your company.

In conclusion, finding the ideal partner in Spain is critical to the success of your business. By looking for these key qualities, you can ensure that your partner will provide you with the support and guidance you need to navigate the complexities of doing business in Spain with confidence.

In Legal Advisory Spain we have the experience, know-how and the team to accompany you through all the steps of the process. Should you need any advice or information, please contact us and we will give you all the information.

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