Cost to open a business in Spain

The cost to open a business or branch in Spain may vary a lot depending on many factors. In this article we will focus on the cost to open an ordinary limited liability company (S.L, sociedad limitada) in Spain.


First of all, you will have to take into account the cost of the paperwork, in particular when you want to open a local branch or subsidiary in Spain from an international company. You may have to consider the cost of obtaining a local NIE (Foreigner Identity Number) for the company representative, the official translation of your national documentation or the La Haye Apostille, as an example.

Legal representation and consulting

The choice of the local representation lawyers and the actions that will be undertaken by them is an important part of the total cost to open a business in Spain. Lawyers fees vary depending on the firm, its expertise, the level of service given, the follow up …

Capital stock amount

The minimal initial share capital amount is € 3,000. Nevertheless, you should not consider this amount as a cost per se. It is mandatory to deposit this quantity in a bank account from Spain and then to proceed to the company registration. Once the company is registered and you have obtained your national company identification number (CIF), you can use the whole amount to invest in the company’s assets.

Mandatory costs

Tsaefd. It includes:

  • The notary fees. They use to depend on the capital stock amount, on a sliding scale base. It starts at around € 60 for the first € 3,000 of capital. Companies may be formed telematically, in this case the costs may differ.
  • Cost of registering the company at the local Commercial Registry. It starts at around € 6 for limited liability companies formed under the ordinary regime.
  • Reservation and certification of the company’s name
  • Transfer tax
  • Eventual municipal tax

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